Will And Estate Planning

“There’s nothing so certain in the world as death and taxes”.

Benjamin Franklin 13th of Nov. 1789.

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Protecting your assets – the five threats

Divorce of Beneficiaries

Generational Inheritance Tax

Long Term Care Fees

Marriage after death

Creditors and Bankruptcy

Writing a will is an essential part of every adult’s financial plans

The chances are that, in common with the vast majority of adults, you have thought about a will, but have taken no action. There are several reasons why so few people ever get around to making a will. For some, the unknown costs of a will and the inconvenience of meeting with solicitors are a deterrent. Many people assume their property will automatically pass to their spouse (although this is by no means always the case), but the biggest factor is inertia, many people simply never get around to it. Writing a will is an essential part of every adult’s financial plans and doing so is made easy with the Temple Bar Estate Preservation Ltd Will Writing Service.

Appropriate Will Planning can save tax – lots of it!

Will writing and tax planning are not regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Will Planning/Estate Planning is conducted via Temple Bar Estate Preservation Ltd which is not regulated via the Financial Services Authority.



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