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Hello Simon,

This year, 2016, my Mother needed her financial affairs to be professionally addressed and sorted as necessary..

Enter Mr Simon Mansell, a true professional and highly knowledgeable Financial Adviser.

His calm approach and understanding aligned with his high level of skill and judgement has now put my Mother’s mind at rest, giving full guidance and direction linked to action with the positioning of all of her finances..

I would definitely recommend Simon and Temple Bar of Worcester to anyone who requires help and advice with their financial matters.

Clive E



Dear Simon

Back in 2009, we were put into a position where we had to seek out a new Financial Adviser and it is fair to say it was a worrying time. You listened to our concerns and answered our many, many questions with patience. No matter how many times we asked you to explain, it was never too much trouble.
You have since sorted out our Investment, Pensions, Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorneys. These matters are always ongoing and we look forward to our get togethers, where we revise matters and we feel safe in the knowledge that Simon and Louise have our Financial and Legal matters covered, allowing us to get on with our lives.

Thank you very much both of you.

Kind Regards

Mark & Joan R



Just a few lines to thank you for arranging my latest Will and re arranging pension fund. In addition, many thanks for all the help and advice you have given me over the last 20+ years, all of which has proven to be spot on and perfect for me. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in the future.

Many thanks,

Ken G
Retired Motor Engineer



To Temple Bar

Subject: Re: Client testimonials

I am writing this testimonial in praise of Simon Mansell and his team. My sister, Eileen Johnson and myself Ann Collett* approached Simon some years ago to draw up a Will for our ageing mother. This was done at her home and in a most professional way. This year we have recently gone back to Simon to organise Power of Attorney for us both as mother is getting to a stage where she is no longer capable of dealing with her affairs. Again, Simon came to her home and organised this for us, again we were treated with the utmost care and compassion. I cannot praise him highly enough and would recommend him to anyone who needs help in these matters. Louise in the office was also courteous at all times and nothing was too much trouble for her.


Ann Collett

*Permission to disclose client names granted



Dear Simon,

Words alone cannot express thanks enough for your perception, advice and assistance in helping me
to bring about a just settlement, through the Financial Ombudsman Service of a pension plan that
was incorrectly setup, some some 26 years ago, by an adviser from another company who for the
purposes of this letter shall remain nameless.

Had you not spotted the incorrect way this company had setup my pension plan I would have been
none the wiser and would have accepted the valuation as given by the Pension Provider. Thanks to
you and with the support of the FOS (which has taken over 2 years) the recalculation of the fund
has amounted to 5 times the original valuation, ensuring I can now enjoy my semi retirement with
much greater financial security.

Thanks also for the advice and setting up the transfer of my pension funds into ‘drawdown’. This
was always going to be a difficult decision when the time came but it ticks all the right boxes for me
and gives me greater flexibility, opportunity and control of the fund with the option to purchase an
annuity at sometime in the future should it appear more favourable at that time.

Every blessing to you, the team and family,

Richard O
Semi Retired


Dear Sir Madam

It seems hard to believe that we first conducted business with Simon Mansell in 1986, 27 years ago. We have seen the full business cycle from investment to maturity to reinvestment of our plans. The problems we now face are very different for those earlier issues faced and we are now pleased to have concluded new business with Temple Bar. We are happy to put forward these comments as a testimonial of the truly valuable service we have received and continue to receive.

Over the past several months, we have worked with Temple Bar on our Estate Planning and the benefits to be gained from holding assets within appropriate trust arrangements. This complicated process was explained in simple and straightforward terms over a period of several months. Not only were we fully briefed but also our entire family was involved in this process and their consent obtained. This was a great reassurance to us. At no stage did we ever feel obligated to proceed until we were entirely satisfied that this was in our best interests and the interests of our children fully respected. We are not wealthy clients but we feel that the wealth that we do have has been protected to the best of our ability and this gives us great peace of mind.

We understand that this testimonial will be published online (but without personal identification details) for the benefit of prospective clients of Temple Bar. In view of this anonymity we have agreed that this “original” signed testimonial can be viewed if req uested in order to validate what we have said should this reassurance be required.

Yours sincerely

David F and Sheila F


Dear Simon & Louise

I first met Simon Mansell just after my husband Alistair was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease in the autumn of 2011.

Alistair had always taken charge of all our finances during the 40 years of our marriage and I deeply regret that I took no interest in and understood little about our financial situation.

Obviously, having the news of a terminal illness sharpened our thoughts considerably and this led to the start of a very valuable relationship with Simon and the staff of Temple Bar.

Simon was tireless in his visits and conversations with Alistair and all future planning concerning shares, life insurances etc was carried out quite effortlessly and efficiently.

After my husband’s death in January 2013, Simon was on hand to help me with Probate and all the other numerous problems that one has to deal with. He is extremely patience and always answers my many questions promptly with honesty, soundness and good humour.

I would also like to say what a pleasure it is to speak with Louise Plant at Temple Bar. She is always most helpful, kind and efficient.

My grateful thanks must go to them for making life a lot simpler these last few months.


Dear Simon,

I am more than happy to make these comments:

I have always found you to be very thorough in all your dealings with both Martin and I and since he died you have been endlessly patient with me and done so much to help with sorting through the official paperwork and explaining it to me. I don’t know how I would have ever coped with all that was involved with sorting out a viable pension for me to live on when I do retire and it has been one less thing to have to worry about with all the paperwork that is required.

I know that Martin felt very reassured that he had left things in safe hands and we both felt we could trust and rely on your experience in dealing with these types of situations. It was always in a very personal and thoughtful way that you dealt with us. I must say that Louise has been exceptional in her kindness when I have phoned and emailed, she is a credit to your company and when things have got stressful for me she has always been able to reassure and explain in a ‘girly’ but professional manner what I need to do or to understand.

You and your staff are always prompt in your replies to any questions I have as well as being reassuring. I am so glad that so many years ago Martin took your advice on the matter of income protection and that you followed this up with such good advice to him when he was diagnosed with cancer. It made his last few months much happier as he was able to forget about finances and just concentrate on being happy spending time with his family. He was able to buy and enjoy his dream car and leave us knowing we would be provided for the future. You have helped to sort me out when I have struggled to cope with the gap he has left behind physically by taking care of the future financially for me and the children. I am so grateful for this and your continuing care and advice.

Val C


Dear Sir/Madam

Just a short note to thank you both for the excellent service you provided for my son in respect of ‘drawing up’ his ‘Last Will & Testament’. Your advice was excellent & we were happy to adopt it. We have no hesitation in recommending your services.


David M



Dear Sir/Madam,

We first met with Simon in 02/07/2010 in our capacity as trustee for my late father and I am now pleased to conclude our personal investment business in January 2012.

You will note that Simon has been working with us for 17 months and throughout this time has spend numerous hours advising a group of family trustees, which at times must have seemed an impossible task and yet his patience has been a tribute to his professionalism. Alas my father died before we could finalise our trustee arrangements and even in this matter we were grateful for Simon’s assistance in the timely completion of a revised will.

In our capacity as trustees we have dealt with a variety of other professional advisers and in my opinion none had equalled the level of advice and support displayed by Simon and his support staff at Temple Bar. It is with great pleasure that I am now able to place business with Simon and finally reward Simon’s hard work and creative effort. I now look forward to many years of professional investment advice.

From these comments you may take it that we would not hesitate to recommend Temple Bar to a prospective client and would be happy to reiterate our above comments by way of a personal testimonial if this is required.

Yours sincerely

John and Linda S

Bidford on Avon



Dear Simon

Please accept this testimonial as a record of the benefits I have enjoyed as result of following your advice. Feel free to publish this.

I’m a property developer and know how much work sweat and tears can go into the creation of an asset – I do it for a living and yet I hadn’t given much thought to the preservation of my own family’s wealth and inheritance which at a stroke can be taken apart by the tax man.

Even when this was pointed out to me I failed to take action and it was only through the tenacity of Simon and the fact that he was willing to arrive at my door together with a solicitor that measures were put into place. I now have cause to reflect on these actions and to confirm how effective they were.

I can honestly say that I am now in possession of a significant estate that would have been taken away from me had I not accepted the advice of Simon and his lawyers. I have offered this testimonial for publication and would be happy to make a personal recommendation to anyone who needed to take up references before dealing with Simon and Temple Bar. Ignoring Simon’s advice can seriously damage your wealth!

Yours sincerely

Mark J

Property Developer


To whom it may concern,

Simon was recommended to me by my accountant and I moved from another financial advisor who had taken his eye off the ball. It turned out to be a very good decision.

Being self employed, advice on pensions and investments is crucial for me and Temple Bar has given sterling service.

Simon has proved himself to be extremely capable and knowledgeable in suggesting what course of action is required, and has the patience to clearly explain the options available to me. His calm and courteous manner inspires confidence. Although the sums involved in most of my transactions are not great, I’ve always felt a valued client. He also contacts me when he thinks a review of my situation is necessary.

Recently my wife and I took advantage of the will writing service he offers. It was made very simple and painless for us – to the extent of him bringing the documents to our home and witnessing our signatures.

That’s what I call a personal service: nothing is too much trouble.

Also, it’s a pleasure to deal with his efficient office manager Louise. They make a great team.

So many thanks to Temple Bar.



(Film Editor)

May 2011

Dear Simon,

I feel fortunate to have met you in the 1980’s following which I took out an income protection plan, little thinking I would actually need it ! The last 14 months would have been impossible to finance without it. One of your regular contact letters arrived following my operation, but I had no idea at that time of any way you could help me further.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. You found a pension scheme that I was not aware of, found that another still had my ex wife as beneficiary (so much for divorce solicitors!) and your final revelation concerned my life policy with Legal and General. Suffice to say that I now have no fear for the future financial security of my family.

But it is the way you went about things which really impressed, it’s as if you and Louise took it personally when different financial and medical people didn’t seem to understand the urgency of the situation.

So I would thank you not only for your knowledge and professionalism but also your friendly manner and for fighting my corner. Both Val and I appreciate it very much.




April 2011

Dear Simon

A quick note to say thank you for all your teams assistance in the review and transfer process of my financial affairs back to the UK from Portugal.

It’s a pleasure to working again with professional people that clearly understand an individual’s personal circumstance and are able to offer a wide range of advice on third party financial products (something that Portugal financial advisors lacked).

Your advice and support on setting up a personal SIP, and pensions advice that was offered to employees of my previous LTD companies have proven invaluable over the years.

I look forward to re-developing my UK investment portfolio with you during 2012.

Kind regards

Paul B

(Business Owner & Director)



Dear Simon

We would be happy for the following to be considered as a testimonial.

It was a very fortuitous day seven or so years ago when we found Temple Bar’s telephone number in Yellow Pages. At the time we were unhappy with the performance of our endowment mortgage policies and our own attempts to claim against the companies concerned had been stonewalled. You guided us to successful conclusions with claims against two companies for mis-selling, with very satisfactory settlements. We were also extremely pleased to receive the maximum compensation allowable by the FSA following our claim for the mis-selling of Sally’s private pension plan: your guidance through the stages of the process was invaluable. The pension fund was then re-invested according to your recommendations and its subsequent growth of almost 50 per cent in 30 months seems to us outstanding, especially in the current economic climate. If my recently invested pension lump sum performs half as well, we will be more than satisfied!

With very best wishes,

Sally and Michael

(Veterinary Adviser & Teacher)



Dear Simon,

I am writing to express our appreciation of the invaluable advice given by Temple Bar over many years, guiding the choice of investments to meet our varying financial requirements. We are especially grateful to you personally for your many visits during the last two years while we have been considering the establishment of Trusts to minimise possible IHT liabilities.

We are most grateful for the amount of time and effort you were prepared to devote to discussing this matter with us and responding so willingly and effectively to our requests for clarification of unfamiliar legal or financial details.

Finally we thank you for your help in transferring funds to more appropriate trust investments and for liasing very effectively with our solicitor in relation to the preparation of our new Wills. We were pleased that despite the complexities involved, everything was finally completed so expeditiously. Without your invaluable assistance we could never have considered this undertaking.

Many thanks and best regards,

Dr. J.N. & Mrs. P.M.
University Reader



Dear Simon

Thank you for your recent help and advice in reviewing my Pension Funds. I have been a client of yours for many years, and have always received good advice from you. You offer a comprehensive range of financial services and your Companies success is due to recommendations given by your many satisfied clients, including myself. Another feature I like is the email news information you send to keep clients up to date with changes in the financial market.

I wish you continued success and will be speaking to you again soon to get further advice when I retire.

Best regards

John, Stourbridge

(Steel Stockholder)


Dear Simon,

We enclose our cheque in settlement of your invoice. Again our very grateful and sincere thanks for all the advice and help you have given us. Not least, we thank you for your patience in explaining everything to us, not once but many times!!

Barbara & Trevor, Worcester

(Retired Olympic Hockey Coach)



To whom it may concern,

We have dealt with Simon at Temple Bar Financial Services over a period approaching twenty years and have always been impressed by his knowledge and advice on financial matters. We believe he has always sought the best solution for our particular needs at the time and are grateful to him not only for his advice and guidance but also for the manner in which he approaches each task. We look forward to many more years of his support and guidance.

Many Thanks,

Keith & Isabel

(IT Consultant Business Owner & College Lecturer)


Dear Simon

I would like to place on record my thanks for your professional advice and guidance. This support has been given over a period of years which has seen my wife and I have to deal with a complex family wills, my redundancy, and retirement planning in addition to more mundane planning advice.

Your response to queries has always been rapid and helpful, but best of all you have been proactive in your service – I would not have paid off our mortgage so quickly via an Offset scheme had it not been for your suggestion. All my life’s major events seem to have coincided with financial downturns and my impending retirement is no exception but your support, as ever, is invaluable.

‘Honorary Visiting Professor’
University of Bradford


Dear Simon,

I felt that the time has come for us to express our thanks to you for all you have done over the years. I would not hesitate in recommending yourself and your company to anyone I could. We have dealt with you for almost twenty years now and the service, which you have provided for us, has been second to none. We have had many products, investments, critical illness, mortgages probably most things, which you do.

The years have moved on now and all that remains is for you to sort out our pension, which in your usual efficient fashion you are doing.

It is to be said that the way in which you deal with your clients, no matter how big or small they are – they all receive the same excellent

and prompt service. In this day and age its extremely rare to find someone who has your professional knowledge but also good old fashioned courtesy.

I would go so far as to say that not only are you our financial adviser but someone who we also consider to be a good friend over the years.

Kindest regards and thanks again

Chris and Helen

(Retired Ford Franchise Director)


5th of October 2008

Dear Simon

Life has been quite complicated for us over the last few years. Although retired with in theory plenty of time to “get things right” in terms of care and financial options for my father I had in my ignorance just got one thing wrong-appointing – a solicitor as trustee with myself.

After a longwinded and fruitless trail of correspondence Simon came to my rescue and put me in touch with a solicitor who will act for me. Now my father has gone into care I will not have to pay the rent for living in the flat I had lived in with dad as his carer for 4 years.

Yours sincerely

Jane L


27th of June 2008

Dear Richard

Many thanks for the help in making it possible for us to achieve our dream in being able to purchase a detached bungalow.

Thanks to Equity Release. We shall both look forward to seeing you so please pop in when you are passing for a cup of tea.

Yours sincerely



Dear Simon,

I agree with your philosophy and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know, who needs the services you offer.

Thank you for your help in arranging my finances as smoothly as you have! As you have seen, I have a lot of distractions in my daily life and never felt pressured to move quicker than I was able. This meant a lot to me, especially as I have been affected by stress related illness in the past.

Theresa C

(Former Business Manager)


1/11/2005 10.34AM

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter to any prospective client of Simon Mansell. I am happy to offer these references and I am willing to supply further references to anyone who cares to write or telephone me at my above address. These views are based on personal experience over the passage of several difficult years for my family and I.

My situation was such that my wife became ill to the point of incapacity and now sadly my wife has recently passed away. Over the passage of years Simon was able to offer help, advice and guidance. The fundamental point being that the advice offered was always in my interests in spite of the fact that this did not result in any remuneration for Simon. This did not go unnoticed and now that my situation has improved I hope to be able to reward Simon with our future business. For now the best I can offer is this letter of praise.

Over the years I have I have met advisers, who put their own interest before their clients. This has not been the case with Simon and I feel confident in making this recommendation to you. Just pick up the phone one evening call me and ask me.

Yours sincerely

Brian P



Dear Simon

I wanted to write a brief note of thanks from both Pat and myself. We both feel that your life cover arrangements are more appropriate to our circumstances than the scheme put in place by our mortgage lender. In addition, we are delighted to confirm that several thousand pounds have been added to our projected pension benefits as a result of your advice – at no additional cost to us!

By profession I am a design engineer but find financial planning issues a nightmare to deal with. I am delighted with your approach and we both feel that your actions have placed us at an advantage.

As a result both Pat and myself are happy to offer a reference should any prospective client wish to write to us.

Yours sincerely

Pat and Craig B

(Design Engineer)


Wednesday, 15 December 2004

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this testimonial as a reflection of my honestly held belief and to reassure any prospective client.

Simon Mansell of Temple Bar was introduced to me in early 2003 via my accountant. My case was extremely complicated and Simon worked relentlessly until its conclusion in December 2004. I fear many would have given up long before.

Simon was able to act as a catalyst between lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers and the Public Guardianship Office. He was able to discuss with, liase, apply pressure to and report back to me in language I could understand. The long-term benefits I believe to be considerable not just for me but also for my family and perhaps generations to come, who will almost certainly benefit but may not know why.

I of course cannot give you my personal case details. However, I can judge as I have found and I can say Simon has shown himself to be hard working, honest with a capacity for original ideas as well as close attention to detail. I can and will wholeheartedly recommend Simon to you on this basis.

If you felt the need for a formal reference you can write to me at the above address and I will be more than happy to supply this to you.

Yours sincerely

Karen T

(Care Company Director &Full Time Carer)



Hi Simon,

Both Dan and I have appreciated your advice, but also your approach to us regarding our mortgage! You have provided us with a solution to our problem and I have just emailed my accontant XYZ to sing your praises.

We will be looking into our pension provisions this autumn and revisit the life insurance etc. For future discussions I would be happier however to work within a framework where we identify a fee for your company should we not go with your proposed product. I hasten to add that it would be very unlikely for the pension, but I feel that it is very much the advice that I value more than perhaps the product!


Dan & Cecilia P

Electronics Business Owners



Dear Simon,

We should like to thank you very much for all the work which you have done on our behalf – it was a great pleasure meeting you, and we shall certainly look forward to doing further business with you at a later date, when everything has been finalised with XYZ.

Yours sincerely

Tony & Sylvia R




Dear Simon

Now that the three-part Investment Programme that you devised for me, namely the N.U Equity Release Plan, the PPP Long-Term Care Plan, and the N.U Maxi ISA has come into being. I wish to place on record my sincere thanks for all your work on my behalf.

Also for your patience in dealing with my sometimes repeated requests, for elucidation of certain points along the way.

Would you please let me know whether I am in your debt in respect of any of the Services Rendered?

Yours sincerely

Deryk J




Dear Simon

At last I have found some time to put pen to paper to thank you for all your efforts on my behalf and that of my family, following the recent loss of my husband Les.

Over the past years you guided Les and I with the making of our wills, Les’s AVC Plan and an adaptable Life Plan, all of which we now realise the benefit of and can not thank you enough for the swift and efficient way in which you dealt with this, when it was so urgently needed.

I now feel a great relief after once again taking your advice regarding future financial security with the Personal Financial Plan and the Lifestyle Plus Insurance Plan you have arranged.

Simon, thank you also for pointing me in the right direction with regard to seeking the help of Solicitors to deal with all aspects of my needs.

I would not hesitate in giving them your card.

Yours sincerely

Lynette T



21st September 1995

Dear Sir/Madam

I met with your adviser Simon Mansell in 1987 when he persuaded me to establish a pension scheme. Over the following years I took out further schemes one of which would clear my mortgage not just on death but in the event of a critical illness. Simon was persistent and I agreed with the logic if not the cost.

The recession hit me very hard, and this combined with an unsympathetic bank resulted in my business failing. The plans I had with XYX one by one had to stop including my Critical Illness Plan. However, Simon explained that the Critical Illness Plan had a stop start facility and that cover could be maintained for a while without contributions being paid, this was in August 1993.

In June 1995 I took a very much needed break with my wife and family. Whilst on holiday I was rushed into hospital with what turned out to be a heart attack. My business had failed and now my health.

On the 07.06.95 I contacted Simon in the vague hope that some cover might still be available. Following a short while Simon was able to confirm that my plan was still in force. On the 18 September my claim was paid in full in spite of the fact that I had not paid a penny into this scheme since August 1993. In a time when there is so much criticism of Insurance Companies I would just like to express my thanks to Simon for a plan that has made a difference.

I owe a substantial debt of gratitude to Simon for persuading me to take out this plan and have suggested that this letter should be used to persuade others to take similar plans. It may be that these comments will persuade someone somewhere to start a plan that also “make a difference”.

Yours faithfully

Darryl H

(Retail Business Owner)


15 June 1993

Dear Simon

I felt I had to put pen to paper in order to thank you and your company for providing the Income Protection Policy and for the prompt and efficient way my claim has been dealt with.

As you know myself and my wife are somewhat sceptical of insurance and tend to feel that we will cope with whatever life throws at us, however, I can honestly say that the decision to take up the XYZ Income Protection Plan is definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

As an active 49 year old with a full sports and social life and running my own business the thought of being disabled enough not to allow me to do my job never crossed my mind, however, as you know the problem I have which is an injured lumbar disc came from out of the blue and has disabled me to the extent that I can only walk with difficulty for short distances. It is now especially that I appreciate the value of my Income Protection Plan.

I, therefore, thank you once again and will keep you informed of my progress.

Yours sincerely

Albert A

(Managing Director & Engineering Business Owner)


3rd February 1989

Dear Sir

I am writing on behalf of my husband and myself to say how pleased and satisfied we are with the service we have received from your financial advisor Mr Simon Mansell.

We presented him with a less than straightforward situation as my husband suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and we wanted to safeguard the financial future both for ourselves and our four year old daughter as much as was possible within our very limited budget.

To this end Mr Mansell spent a lot of time and energy researching matters and consulting with us and eventually came up with options that make us feel that we have at least set up as much security as is possible in the circumstances.

During his dealings with our family he was kind and courteous and it was never any trouble for him to repeat information, that can sometimes appear very complex to the layman, several times until he was happy we fully understood matters.

The quality of service and amount of attention we therefore received from your company via Mr Mansell is rarely found today and was a delight to us.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone waiting any financial advice to your company at a future date.

Our sincere thanks and we trust these comments will be noted.

Yours faithfully

Judith S

(Nurse and Carer)


These are real letters from real clients whose identity is protected as this is an open website. In most cases the clients have agreed to provide any prospective new client with a formal reference should this be required.

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