Temple Bar - About Us

“For those who would joyously march in rank and file, they have already earned contempt.

Source: Albert Einstein

Temple Bar is about independence of mind and independence in planning.


Integrity - by placing our clients interests equal to our own.

Commitment to independent advice - by maintaining our independent status via direct regulation and by our refusal to enter into a tied or multi tie proposition offered by those who are seeking to buy distribution or by those who seek to influence our independence of mind and product choice.

Financial fundamentals - maximise and protect assets, minimise and protect liabilities, maximise income and minimise taxation.

Commitment to a profitable business - by imparting proportionate value to our clients and in turn asking for and obtaining the help of our clients in the pursuit of our own goals and ambitions

Client centred marketing - by the pursuit of the highest standards in business our clients will be willing to introduce our services to those who can similarly benefit.

To achieve Financial Independence for our clients – by having, sufficient Capital, and or Income where work becomes optional and lifestyle remains affordable.

Prescription without diagnosis equals malpractice - We believe prescription without diagnosis equals malpractice and we will not advise our clients until we know and fully understand their circumstances. In return our clients are expected to reciprocate by informing us on all matters pertaining to their financial requirements. 

Technology - We believe you can’t invest in yesterdays technology today and expect to be ahead tomorrow! In arriving at our recommendations we use the very latest product ranking and portfolio construction software. In doing so we aim to gives individual clients access to expertise previously only available to large institutional investors. 

With regard to your financial planning needs we will ask you four basic questions: 

1.Where am I now?
2.Where do I want to be?
3.What are the ways open to me? 
4.What is the most suitable way right now? 

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